I have a BS in Art from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. I have a MFA in painting from Montana State University, Bozeman. For more than 40 years I painted with acrylics on canvas. In the last five years I study and paint in watercolors and most recently digital painting.

My main subject for watercolor and digital paintings are the landscapes of the American West—most every corner of Montana, lots of Oregon coastline and Southwest desert, favoring the Sonoran. Landscape is a never-ending source of subject. My main influences currently come from English landscape paintings, rather then the more dramatic “Hudson River School” style. English artists, such as Edward Wesson, who creates a looser more impressionistic style appeals to my current sensibilities. I am doing small paintings to emphasize an intimate quality and promotion of gesture as an important element drawing the observant into the painting.

Watercolors and digital paintings offer me several advantages. Primary is the speed of painting. With acrylics, each painting would take a month or longer to complete. Overall concepts were fixed with creativity during the process confined to the detail.

Art for Sale

My paintings can be viewed by appointment at my studio at:

Jason Jonas

Helena, Montana
Ajo, Arizona